About Us

Angelfirefighter Corporation has established and been running manufacturing factory since 1998 for the purpose of manufacturing fire fighting agent and daily life care products.

Angelfirefighter is the R&D and manufacturing company of fire fighting products. Pretty often, fire is the one of the most disastrous incidents leaving tremendous damages to people. However it is true that the most of us are not familiar with proper reaction when the fire breaks out. It is very important that the fire gets put out at its initial stage of break out. We are currently manufacturing effective and user-friendly fire safety products such as portable fire fighting device and fire fighting agents, which can be used by pretty much anybody. 
Unlike previously conventional fire extinguishers, which were rather complex to use, Angel's fire fighting devices are designed with Throwing-Type and Aerosol(spray)-Type so that anybody can use it with no problem at anytime. Not to mention that it contains outstanding and eco-friendly fire fighting agents. 
By doing so, we believe that Angel is showing new standard for fire safety industry and leading safety field to the new direction.


Assurance of Human Safety

Angel was established with its company philosophy in "Assurance of Human Safety in daily life". And for this purpose, Angel has been introducing those products that can help improving the environment for the people's safety in daily life. And we will continue introducing products with our fundamental philosophy for the goal of "Assurance of Human Safety".


Innovate human-oriented products

Create user-friendly technologies

Promise safety for human & nature